Difference between Diapause and Hibernation (Diapause vs Hibernation)
Diapause vs Hibernation
Monarch butterfly
  • It is a dormant stage in the development of an organism.
  • It occurs both in summer and winter.
  • During this period there is reduction in the amount of free water.
  • It is common among insects such as monarch butterflies, and in the embryos of many of the oviparous species of fish in the order Cyprinodontiformes.
Hibernation (Winter sleep)
Hibernating animals
  • It is a state of inactivation in an ectothermic mature organism.
  • It occurs only in winter. It is winter sleep in which animal passes the winter period in dormant condition.
  • There is no such adaptation.
  • Californian pocket mouse and kangaroo mouse and bats are known to hibernate. Several insects, small birds and mammals hibernate regularly each year.

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