Difference between Liverworts and Mosses

Bryophyta, represent a group of plants that includes liverworts, hornworts and mosses growing predominantly in amphibious environment. Liverworts, generally  they have green dichotomously branched or lobed thalli. They are attached to the substratum by thin rhizoids. Moss plant consists of an erect stem like structure with green leaf like out growth arranged spirally. They are attached to the substratum by their root like rhizoids.
Liverworts vs Moss
Marchantia polymorpha
1. The gametophytic plant body may be thallose or foliose
2. On the ventral surface of the thallus unicellular rhizoids and simple multicellular scales are present.
3. Sex organs are present on dorsal surface of the thallus and develop from superficial cells.
4. Elaters are generally present, but absent in Riccia.
5. Stomata and chlorophyll are absent in the wall of the capsule of sporophyte.
6. Dehiscence of capsule is irregular
Example: Riccia, Marchantia

1. The gametophytic plant body is differentiate into prostrate, branched filamentous, thalloid protonema and leafy erect gametophore.
2. Rhizoids are multicellular, branched with oblique septa.
3. Sex organs develop from superficial cells at the apex of leafy gametophyte.
4. Elaters are absent.
5. Stomata and chlorophyll are present in sporophyte for gaseous exchange.
6. Dehiscence of capsule is regular
Example: Funaria
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