Difference between Monocot and Dicot Leaf

monocot vs dicot leaves

Monocot Leaf vs Dicot Leaf 
Monocot Leaf
  • Symmetry: Isobilateral
  • Stomata distribution: Amphistomatic i.e., stomata equally distributed on both the surfaces.
  • Bulliform cells: Present on upper epidermis.
  • Mesophyll: Only spongy parenchyma is present which has very small intercellular spaces.
  • Bundle sheath: Made of parenchyma but just above and below the vascular bundles are found sclerenchymatous cells (upto epidermis)
Dicot Leaf
  • Symmetry: Dorsiventral
  • Stomata distribution: Hypostomatic i.e., stomata present on lower surface of leaf.
  • Bulliform cells: Usually absent.
  • Mesophyll: Made up of two types of tissues: Palisade parenchyma and spongy parenchyma with large intercellular spaces.
  • Bundle sheath: Made up of parenchyma. Just above and below the vascular bundle some parenchymatous cells or collenchymatous cells are present up to epidermis.
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