Phylum arthropoda is the largest phylum, which includes the largest number of all animals. The arthropods are by far the most successful phylum of animals, both in diversity of distribution and in numbers of species and individuals. They have adapted successfully to life in water, on land and in the air. 
The phylum arthropoda is divided into 6 classes- trilobita (fossils), onychophora, arachnida, crustacea, myriapoda and insecta. Centipedes and Millipedes belong to class Myriapoda. 
Example of Centipede: Scolopendra
Example of Millipede: Julus
 General Characters of Class Myriapoda
  • The body is differentiated into head and trunk
  • Body is worm like and segmented. Each segment possesses paired appendages(Two pairs in Millipedes and one pair in centipedes). First pair of legs are changed to poison claws in centipedes.
  • Head possesses a single pair of antennae, simple yes and mandibular mouth parts.
  • Exoskeleton may be calcified.
  • respiration is through tracheae. Excretion occurs by means of malpigian tubules.
  • Sexes are separate. Development is direct. 
Centipedes vs Millipedes
Occurs under bricks and stones or in crevice and holes.
Occur in damp and shady places.
Nocturnal, carnivorous, killing prey with the help of their poison claws.
Herbivorous or saprozoic (feeding on dead plant matter). When disturbed, roll up into a spiral. Emit a foul smelling fluid from stink glands.
Body dorsoventrally flattened, divisible into head and 21 segmented trunk.
Body cylindrical, divisible into head, thorax and abdomen.
Head bears one pair long and tapering antennae, two groups of small and simple ocelli (eyes) and mouth parts.
Head bears one pair of short and club shaped antennae, one pair of maxillae, one pair of ocelli(eyes) and mouth parts.
Only one pair of legs per segment. First pair of legs modified into poison claws. The last pair of legs longer than others. Legs arise laterally.
First and a few last segments are without legs. One pair of legs per second, third and fourth thoracic segments and two pairs of legs per abdominal segment. Leg arise close to midventral line.
All segment single.
Thoracic segments single, abdominal segments double. First thoracic segment which is without legs, is called collum.
No stink glands and foul smell
Most abdominal segments contain  stick glands. Their secretions are toxic to other animals.
Inflict  painful bite with poison claws.
May damage tender plants


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  1. I finally remembered my entomology. This is not a worm.thanks for difference chart of differences tween Millipore vs centipede
    I live in Atlantic Beach and have never seen one in my house. I just had central air installed in my house to rid the humidity. Three of them were on my floors. I have never encountered such before. I released them outside. Thanks for the info.


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