Difference between Mass Selection and Pureline Selection (Mass Selection vs Pureline Selection)

Selection is the oldest breeding method. This is the basis for all crop improvement methods. Selection is of two types viz., natural selection and artificial selection. Artificial selection is of three types: mass selection, pureline selection and clonal selection.

Mass selection: This is the simplest and the oldest method  of crop improvement practiced by farmers. It is practiced in crop pollinated crops.
Mass selection

Pureline selction: The term pureline was first introduced by W. L. Johannsen of Denmark 1903. A pureline may be defined as the progeny of a single individual obtained by selfing”.
Pureline selction
Mass selection vs Pureline Selection
Mass Selection
1. Used in both cross and self pollinated species.
2. Genetic variation is present.
3. Mass selected variety has wide adaptation
4. Produce of variety is less uniform.
Mass selection vs Pureline Selection

Pureline Selection
1. Used in self pollinated species
2. Genetic variation is absent.
3. Pure line variety has narrow adaptation
4. Produce of variety is highly uniform
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