Genome vs Transcriptome vs Proteome vs Metabolome


  • It is the complete set of genes in a cell or an organism.
  • It includes coding genes, non-coding genes, mitochondrial genes, and chloroplast genes in plants.
  • The study of genome is called genomics.
Difference between Genome, Transcriptome, Proteome and Metabolome


  • It is the complete set of RNA transcribed from a genome.
  • It includes coding RNA (mRNA) and non-coding RNA (rRNA, tRNA).
  • The study of transcriptome is called transcriptomics.


  • It is the complete set of proteins translated from a genome.
  • It includes structural proteins, non-structural proteins, functional proteins and enzymes.
  • The study of proteome is called proteomics.
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  • It is the completes et of low molecular weight metabolites in a living system or it includes all small molecules formed because of cell metabolism.
  • It includes amino acids, lipids, nucleotides, sugars, alcohols, aldehydes etc.
  • NMR and mass spectrometry is used to identify and quantify different metabolites.
  • Metabolome is very dynamic compared to genome, transcriptome and proteome.
  • The study of metabolome is called metabolomics.

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