Mitosis is a mode of cell division in which the daughter cells are genetically similar to the mother cell because their nuclei come to have the same number and type of chromosomes as are present in the mother cell. Mitosis occurs during the formation of body cells. It occurs in some specific regions like skin and bone marrow in animals and meristems in plants.
Animal cell Mitosis vs Plant cell Mitosis
Animal cell Mitosis
Animal cell Mitosis
Plant cell Mitosis
Plant cell Mitosis
An animal cell becomes rounded before cell division. Plant cells do not change shape before the division.
A number of hormones are known to induce cell division but a specific cell division hormone is not known. It is induced by a specific plant hormone called cytokinin.
Centrosome is essential for it Centrosome does not occur.
Mitotic apparatus contains asters. Spindle is amphiastral. Mitotic apparatus is without asters. Spindle is anastral.
Spindle degenerates at the time of cytokinesis. A  major part of spindle persists as phagmoplast at the time of cytokinesis.
A mid body may be formed during cytokinesis. Mid body is absent.
cytokinesis occurs through cleavage. Cytokinesis occurs commonly by cell plate method.
Microfilaments are involved in cytokinesis. Microfilaments do not seem to have any major function of cytokinesis.
Cleavage proceeds centripetally. Cell plate grows centrifugally.
A furrow is formed between two daughter cells. A solid middle lamella develops in between the two daughter cells for permanent adhesion.
It occurs in bone marrow and many epithelia. It is found in meristems.
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