Difference between Dicot and Monocot Root

Dicot and Monocot Root

Monocot RootMonocot root

1. Periycle produces only lateral roots
2. Number of Xylem and phloem numerous ( 8 to many)
3. Xylem vessels are oval or rounded.
4. Conjunctive tissue mostly sclerenchymatous sometimes parenchymatous.
5. Pith large and well developed
6. No secondary growth
7. The conjunctive tissue is sclerenchymatous so it does not produce vascular cambium

Examples: Colocasia, Musa, Maize

Dicot Root
Dicot  Root
Dicot Root Cross-Sections 
1. Pericycle give rise to lateral roots , cork cambium and part of vascular cambium
2. Number of xylem and phloem groups limited (2-6 or 8)
3. Xylem vessels angular or polygonal in transverse section
4. Conjunctive tissue parenchymatous
5. Pith absent or very small
6. Secondary growth occurs.
7. The parenchymatous conjunctive tissue forms vascular cambium

Examples: Cicer, Ficus,  Gram, Pea, Limnanthemum
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